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Friday, February 10, 2012

Parisian Blue .. Look at Lori Saxondale in this one !

Here is the latest thing I have done. First I have to say to my old timers check your inventory and you might find something similar in purple but , its not the same.. :) not exactly. Our dear friend and long time CLEO Couture group member Star came to ask me if she could have new sleeves for her little dress called Parisian and of course I was happy to find them for her, I realized I didnt have this out at all since a remodel , it got lost in the shuffle. Well, then I fixed it up to suit her.. then started fiddling and did a little tweakiepoo here and there. a little of this and that a new little pair of lace bottoms that show off when you walk a little bit ( if anyone is paying close attention) and this number will make that likely, added a hat and the color BLUE , electric blue was what i wanted to see because well, Valentines and all and I thought you all would like a break from all the reds and pinks.. s o when i saw Lori Saxondale in this ! WOW ...........she rocked it and as one of my favorite models I wasnt suprized but, here you go ! Parisian Blue,

new from CLEO Couture Hat Gloves Lace bottoms .. two flouncy skirts with black underlayers.. and ................ go into Shoe Fetishe .. next door to this shop and I LOVE THIS ONE with Ceasars black Pump! perfect pair of shoes for that one.

Hugs and love to you all. xxooo come see me in Feyador..

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