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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And then there was................CLEO X

Ceasar and CLEOPATRA Xigalia teamed with a fantastic scripter and came up with a line of clothing that is really WOW ! This is a new line of interactive couture. Using a simple RLV foler system ( we did ALL the setup for you) and a low script count system you can now be more involved in your secondlife .. Wear the folder ........and any other person can touch you and they will get a will show them each item of clothing in a logical set (i.e. : shoes for example are both shoes and the base, or a dress is the top pants and prim skirts involved.) and give them the option of touching admiring.. etc. but also to take off that item.. NOW get a menu then too..........and they can only remove your clothing with permission! you can say : yes, not yet, never always............the results are whispered to only those very nearby. Imagine the possiblity................... So. he invites you to come for a weekend on his yacht, you arrive wearing an asian silk blue bikini and sarong.. trimmed in gold, a matching hat with a fresh stargazer lilie and one tucked in the knot of your skirt, and a little pair of gold mules. .. hmm.. you feel great !

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