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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi Everyone ! So much is going on at CLEO Couture ! We had a wonderful party thrown for us by Charleston Lace Ballroom to launch the CLEO X brand, which by the way is available at Charleston Couture and CLEO Couture in Feyador and also the CLEO X, Xigalia Palace Ballroom in Diablerets. Come and visit us soon !
This wedding gown is amazing .. it is all lace! Come by the shop and ask for it to be shown to you personally. From the lace corset top, two lace veils, one with a diamond and platinum tiara..silver and pearl earrings full string of pearls.. stockings a princess double skirt and a long , very long optional train.. it is in the wedding shop but you must see it on to believe it. Just ask, you know I am always glad to show you anything on that is in the shops.

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