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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fang Aries wears China Girl by CLEO Couture

This woman is amazing! FANG is one hot chick in sl and a business woman extraordenaire , I think she owns two clubs now ! She never stops. I met her one night when she was in need of a knock out gown right away, we figured it out and off she went to who knows where, but she looked great and I know that fun followed her wherever she went. FANG wears China Girl by CLEO Couture for the contest photo, by a waterfall and styling with some hot sunglasses <3

Thank you Fang, CLEO Couture loves you ! One of our hottest gowns is named after FANG, what a girl wants in black and pewter aka FANG. Check this out ! You can thank her for this one !

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