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Friday, July 1, 2011


Hi everyone, it's me, CLEO !

It is sooo hot ! and time for a contest, don't you think ? I do ! Now, as you know Feyador is chock full of things that are all prices and all kinds. We have a little bit of everything! Here's the deal, I want you to visit Feyador and look around. I have items for 1linden and things that are thousands of lindens. Do what you can afford, and if you really can't afford what you want, ASK ME! I will always work with you on that part, especially for this. We love making custom clothes too, so that's fair game for this contest as well. Put together your version of the BEST OF CLEO Couture!

What I want is a photograph of YOU and / or a machinima of YOU in CLEO Couture. I am searching for a photo of you in our clothes that I can use to promote CLEO Couture, so make it SCREAM "CLEO Couture" and make it SCREAM "you" ! There have to be rules so here they

No more than two people per photo or machinima ( you can be in a solo and a couples entry). If you do machinima and photo then i suppose you could be in 4 entrys max.

Provide 1 Photo or 1 three minute Machinima full perm and of you in only CLEO Couture (skins can be from anywhere ) I prefer hair is to be from either Bells Boutique or Hairoin or Hair Bender.

Accessorize otherwise from anywhere but don't overwhelm the CLEO Couture with anything. any style is fine, as long as you love it. I will post the qualifying photos on this blog.

One photo per avatar......... title the Photo and machinima pass to CLEOPATRA Xigalia inworld.

"CC summer 2011 photo contest________________your name"

You must belong to the group CLEO Couture

(extra credit is given to those with CLEO Couture in picks.) i.e. : tie breaker

Prizes : over $30,000 L value of prizes




1. you will be named the CLEO Couture Top Model -summer 2011

2. you will recieve a 10,000 L gift certificate for CLEO Couture.

3. Your own creation, a collaboration of an outfit that you will design with CLEO and Ceasar will be created and named after you, it will be modeled by you and posted to the blogs and feeds with your name ( at least a $5000L value)

4. $5000L in linden cash

5. Billboards of YOU in Feyador and in CLEO Couture promotional material.

6. Instore modeling contract for August, if you would like . (to be negotiated)


1. Ceasar and CLEOPATRA will choose first the top 10 from
machinima and photo, couples and solo.

2. The top 10 will be posted in feyador and on this blog. ( each top ten winner will recieve a 1000L gift certificate from CLEO Couture.

3. The group will vote for the ultimate winner of the contest! (votes will be free , no pay for voting, one vote per group member)

Entry date deadline to be announced.
By entering you agree that all materials may be used at the discretion of CLEO Couture at any time.
Adults only.

(rules are subject to change as necessary)

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